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Professor Naomi Nari James-Rugu (Nee Audu-Tanwia) University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Professor of ZoologyErudite Professor, Distinguished Scholar, ResearcherInitiator of Journal of Pests and Disease Vector Management,  Amazon, Grand Patron of the National Zoological Garden, Jos (NZGJ), Patron of Boys’ Brigade, Patron of different  Student Associations, External Examiner of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes to various Universities, Internal and External Assessor of Academic Staff for promotions to Associate Professorial/ Readership and Professorial Cadres, former Deputy Dean,  School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS), former Deputy Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS) and former Director of Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES),University of Jos, Executive Council Member of Gaskiya Gospel and Prayer Ministry (GGPM), Mobilization Coordinator of Gaskiya Gospel and Prayer Ministry (GGPM),Mother of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Gamzaki)in partnership with Jauro Gospel Ministry International, Member of Organization of Women in Science in Developing World (OWSDW),  Role Model, Member of some Professional Bodies, Philanthropist, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Mentor to Emulate, several Awards Winner, Nation Builder, Peace Maker and Evangelist who has given herself to the service of God and Humanity.

It is worthy of note that she is humble, jovial, responsible, honest, vibrant, motherly, workaholic, patient, assertive, efficient, enthusiastic, friendly, meticulous, generous, trust-worthy, amiable, dependable, reliable and approachable. She is also a great encourager.

Professor N.N. James-Rugu is a dynamic leader. She is full of competence and courage. She exercises a high spirit of teamwork. She is a gentle Orator, who is audible, clear, precise and attention catching. She is a teacher par excellence. Because of her hard work, Prof. James-Rugu has won the admiration of Past Vice-Chancellors of University of Jos and has represented the Institution at different fora in the Country

Prof. James-Rugu was the Departmental SIWES Coordinator (DSC) of Zoology Department for over sixteen (16) years. Vice– Chancellor, Prof. Hayward Babale Mafuyai (20122016) rated her as the Most Active Director of the University of Jos.

According to Tertiary Institutions Nigeria Students Forum, 2015/2016 Session, Prof. N.N. James-Rugu is “an Academic giant, amiable personality and the Most Outstanding personality in the University of Jos.” She was also rated by the Forum as the Best Performed Director of SIWES in the history of the University of Jos. Furthermore, it reiterated her monumental achievements in Plateau State and University of Jos, Northern Nigeria and Nigeria at large. Additionally, the Forum noted that “the contributions she has made to the development of the University of Jos are too numerous to mention.” Clearly, it commended her for “her stupendous and conspicuous contributions through research activities to level of thinking which have made University of Jos and Plateau State proud. “In like manner, it applauded her transparent leadership, obedience to Constitution, devoted to the principle of due process in solving issues in the Institution, service to humanity, Non-sentimental, impeccable qualification and humility.”

The Forum further indicated that it recognized that “University of Jos was rated as the Second Best Institution in Nigeria which was also due to the extremely performance of I.T Students in the Institution. It also noted that “the IT performance was standard during her tenure, unity created among lecturers and Non-Academic staff in the University of Jos, proper documentation of SIWES files in the University of Jos, Team spirit, most outstanding personality in the University of Jos, her principle of due process in law making in the University of Jos, stability in the school environment, service to humanity, understanding and support given to less privilege in the society.”

The Forum reiterated that “Prof. N.N James-Rugu has contributed greatly to academic performance of students in the University of Jos and also to the development of Plateau State and also in the lives of Plateau Youths and Nigerian Students.”

Similarly, the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) stated that Prof. Naomi N. James-Rugu is a “Student Ministry Ambassador, Christian Worker in the Higher Institution and a Strategic Player in shaping the future of our nation and the world.”

Prof. Naomi Nari James-Rugu is a Researcher of repute. She has supervised hundreds of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. Currently, she is supervising several Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. In 2007 to 2011, she contributed her quota in a Joint Research of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and University of Jos on Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

Similarly, Prof. James-Rugu served as Chairman, Secretary and Member to several Committees. Additionally, she served as Guest Speaker/Mother of the day and Chairperson at various occasions

It is worth mentioning that this distinguished Scholar has supervised hundreds of Logbooks (LBs) and Technical Reports (TRs) of SIWES Students (SSs). 


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  1. Prof Naomi,
    I am glad with what I have seen on your website.
    It conveys an understanding of you as an academic, family person, social being and a pace setter.
    I will from time to time access the website and share into the world view of an Amazon in Jos.
    Matthew A. Attah

  2. A Professor of unparalleled versatility she is. Prof.N.N James-Rugu is widely known for her
    unflinching support in making like better to those around her. Here speaks a volume of her contributions to humanity.


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