With great pleasure and sense of gratitude, i had the privilege to receive on behalf of my Prestigious Prof. Naomi N. James-Rugu an Award during the “Dinner, Magazine and Award Night” organized by the 2021 Graduating Students from the Department of Zoology, University of Jos. Worthy of note, an Award of Excellence was Presented to Prof. Naomi Nari James-Rugu as the MOST MOTHERLY LECTURER. This in my view is not surprising since this erudite Professor possesses the quality of a mother. I was oppoturned to chat with some of the Students who revealed that apart from teaching, mummy creates time and mentors her Students. Furthermore, she stresses on the need for Students to embrace the word of God and practicalize it according to their faith. According to her, adherence to ones Faith has a number of advantages which leads to success. She believes that all humans have been divinely designed to serve as angels on assignment.
Congratulations to you Ma!!!

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