Another 25th has come, and I am therefore delighted to inform you, my dear friends that our Almighty God has done it again. My daddy, elder brother, husband and special friend celebrate his 71st Birthday today. Congratulations to you, my dear.
My daddy, you are a bundle of joy to me, my children, and grandchildren.
We acknowledge you so dearly and are indebted to you for always being there for us. You are indeed one of our destiny’s helpers. Your indescribable love, encouragement and assistance are quite appreciated. Congratulations to you once more.
As we celebrate you, we ascribe honour and adoration to the giver of life for what He has done for you and what He will be doing for you in the nearest future. Congratulations!
Friends, join in this celebration.
Remain blessed.
Prof. Naomi N. James-Rugu

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